EinDollarBrille association at UNESCO in Paris
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EinDollarBrille association at UNESCO in Paris

Seeing means living. Martin Aufmuth emphasizes this in his speech.

On January 20, 2015, Martin Aufmuth, founder and 1st Chairman of EinDollarBrille association, gave a lecture at UNESCO in Paris. Around 1,000 scientists and government representatives from all over the world gathered there for the big kick-off event of the International Year of Light. The event was opened by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

Martin Aufmuth stands at a lectern in front of UNESCO in Paris
© EinDollarBrille | Martin Aufmuth speaks to UNESCO in Paris

Martin Aufmuth began his presentation with the following question to his audience: "Assuming there was only one pair of glasses in the world, what would you pay for them: 1,000 euros? 10,000 euros? Half your life's income?"

The feedback was very exciting: the majority of those present raised their hands at 1,000 euros, many at 10,000 euros and some would have invested half their lifetime income. It became clear: Glasses are vital for many of us – we are just not usually aware of this because, unlike millions of poor people, we can buy glasses at any time.

Everywhere in our villages, there are many people who need glasses but don't have them.
Substrate Kumar Guru (16), Trainee at Care Netram, India

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