Pupils with OneDollarGlasses writing in the classroom
Pupils with OneDollarGlasses writing in the classroom
Pupils with OneDollarGlasses writing in the classroom


Do you want to collect donations for the EinDollarBrille association as a school or class? Are you a teacher looking for exciting teaching materials? We look forward to doing good together with you!

With free eye tests and individually fitted glasses, GoodVision helps children and adults worldwide to see well and gain new perspectives. We finance our projects in Asia, Africa and South America almost exclusively through donations. Every contribution is a great support.

How can you help as a school or class?

  • Provides information about the OneDollarGlasses at school events
  • Collects donations for the GoodVision with a flea market, bazaar, bake sale
  • Organize an event such as a sponsored run, a reading night or a concert
  • Use your digital channels for a social media challenge or an online fundraising campaign
  • ... or be creative and surprise us with new ideas!

And the most important thing: have fun!


We support your ideas:

Feel free to contact us! We look forward to receiving your e-mail at schulen@eindollarbrille.de

You can also find us on Instagram. Feel free to leave us a heart!


What can you do as a teacher?

  • Talk to your class about GoodVision and draw attention to the problems faced by people in the Global South
  • Together with the children, look for ways to support the EinDollarBrille association
  • Talk to your colleagues about EinDollarBrille association or hang up our school flyer (German) in the staff room
  • You can also find examples under:

School Presentation (German)

We support you with an all-round carefree package:

  • Free teaching packages

You will receive teaching materials for different types of schools, subjects and year groups, which have been developed by our school team in collaboration with teachers and are regularly updated.

  • Interactive school activity boxes

Request our school activity box for your project work and receive well thought-out materials for your lessons that encourage you to try things out and get involved. The activity kits have been designed for primary and secondary schools.

  • Exciting adventure game

A different kind of lesson: with our free adventure game, you can immerse your class in the world of GoodVision. Suitable for up to 30 people aged 12 and over. 


We are here for you:

Norbert Richter
Norbert Richter
Coordinator Team Schools
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