Good vision for all people.

> 950 million

People around the world need glasses, but they can not afford them.


Pair of glasses can be the rescue of a person and his family from poverty.


People can see properly again and participate in life in a self-determined way thanks to their GoodVision Glasses.


Country organizations in Africa, Asia and South America ensure good vision in the global South.

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We are fighting a global emergency:

950 million people in the world need glasses, but cannot afford them. They usually suffer from the consequences throughout their lives: children cannot learn properly, adults cannot work. The loss of income of these people amounts to 269 billion US Dollars per year.

EinDollarBrille association gives those affected access to free vision tests and high-quality, affordable glasses for a self-determined life.

Junge Frau aus Burkina Faso erhält eine EinDollarBrille

The GoodVision Glasses

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Porträt Martin Aufmuth
With simple glasses, you can completely change a person's life.
Martin Aufmuth, Inventor of the GoodVision Glasses and founder of the EinDollarBrille e.V.
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