Two boys from Brazil with OneDollarGlasses
Two boys from Brazil with OneDollarGlasses
Two boys from Brazil with OneDollarGlasses
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Businesses & companies

Businesses & companies

You would like to work with us to create sustainable added value for people in the Global South and give people with visual impairments around the world the chance to participate in life without visual limitations. We would be happy to work with you to develop your individual commitment in line with your corporate social responsibility strategy.

We offer you various opportunities to get involved in promoting good eyesight.

Your corporate donation – one-time or regular

With a donation to EinDollarBrille association, you can support our worldwide project work quickly, specifically and easily and give people access to good vision and a new perspective on life.

Regular donations from companies are particularly important so that we can implement the worldwide programs of GoodVision for good eyesight in the long term and sustainably. With a regular donation, your company can make a lasting and effective commitment.

Your company donation has a direct impact and secures the basis for all our work.

Becoming even more active as a company

Would you like to get involved with your company beyond a traditional donation?

Your options:

  • Specific project support: Would you like to support an individual project? We will make project suggestions from our eleven program countries in Asia, Africa and South America and find the right project for your CSR strategy.
  • Give the gift of good eyesight instead of presents: Many companies choose to forego Christmas presents and donate to EinDollarBrille association instead. 
  • Spare cents initiative: Motivate your employees to donate the cent amount of their net salary to a good cause. A small donation with a big impact.
  • Organize your individual fundraising campaign: Get involved with your network, your customers and your employees for GoodVision with an open day, a summer party or your company anniversary. We support you with exciting presentations, bending training and much more.

Your benefits:

  • With your sponsorship, you demonstrate social responsibility towards your customers, partners and civil society. 
  • You strengthen your brand as a responsible employer for current and future employees.
  • With pro bono and voluntary involvement in the projects, you create additional opportunities for identification and participation for your workforce. 
  • We support your CSR communication with individual reporting. This makes the social impact of your support visible.
  • Your help contributes to achieving the United Nations' global Sustainable Development Goals.
Der Kreis der Nachhaltigkeitsziele der Vereinten Nationen

Media material for your communication

Would you like to showcase your social commitment in social media, on your website or in your advertising? We are happy to support you with high-quality images, videos and professional content.

As a company, you can make a big difference.

Join us in making a lasting commitment to good vision and a better world.
Good eyesight should not be a privilege.

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Renate Eden
Renate Eden
Philanthropy & Head of Fundraising
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