Mitarbeiter GoodVision Burkina Faso leuchtet Kind mit Taschenlampe ins Auge
Mitarbeiter GoodVision Burkina Faso leuchtet Kind mit Taschenlampe ins Auge
Mitarbeiter GoodVision Burkina Faso leuchtet Kind mit Taschenlampe ins Auge
The fields of activity
Medical examination & treatment

Medical examination & treatment

In addition to offering eye tests and high-quality glasses, we also provide access to eye care in our program countries.

Recognizing eye diseases

The first and most important step in the eye test is to identify medical eye problems for which glasses will not help. If an eye test confirms a suspected eye condition, we refer the patient directly to an eye clinic or ophthalmologist.

We record the data of these suspected cases and then check by telephone or in person whether the visit to the doctor has taken place and the medical problem has been resolved.

Eye examination with a beam of light
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Examining and treating eye diseases

In some countries, it is a state requirement to always offer ophthalmologic care in addition to optical care. In Brazil and Colombia, for example, eye tests may only be carried out by state-certified optometrists or ophthalmologists.

First clinic in Maringa, Brazil

The most important project of GoodVision and Renovatio in 2023 is the establishment of their own clinic in Maringa. In future, Renovatio wants to help people there who have been waiting years for treatment in state hospitals and, in the worst case, go blind before they are scheduled for an operation.

GoodVision helps with cataracts

Care Netram's cataract program in India is a success story: 100 million people worldwide suffer from vision loss due to cataracts, and more than 17 million are already blind. Routine surgery can prevent this and give people their sight back. We meet many of those affected at our eye camps in the villages and communities of India. Since 2021, we have been organizing transport to the clinic, surgery and aftercare for people suffering from cataracts.

Two Indian women with sunglasses

Retina Foundation provides medical aid in Paraguay

Together with the Retina Foundation Paraguay, we are working to improve basic eye care in Paraguay. The ophthalmologists of the non-profit organization offer free funduscopy. They can identify many diseases using photos of the retina.

Program country Paraguay

Help with glaucoma and keratoconus

Together with the Brazilian Hospital Provisão in Maringa, Renovatio carried out two special campaigns in 2022, in which patients with suspected glaucoma and keratoconus (usually progressive, degenerative corneal disease) were examined. These campaigns were aimed at people who had been waiting in vain for a long time for an appointment with the overburdened public healthcare services and were an important step for Renovatio on its way to becoming a permanent partner of the Brazilian healthcare system.

Bruna Gil
We know that there are still many people in the world who cannot afford an eye test, let alone an eye examination. That's why we want to expand this area further.
Dra. Bruna Gil Ferreira, Head of Optics, Renovatio, Head of Ophthalmology, EinDollarBrille e.V.
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