Good eyesight wins!

Good eyesight wins!

Our matching campaign is overwith great success!

Donation amount 127,548

Many thanks to the many hundreds of people who entrusted EinDollarBrille with a donation for the first time. A total of EUR 127,547.67 has been raised since March 15.

(This is only a provisional donation result. Our donations team is still booking in the last donations, so the total may change again).

This means that by doubling the amount of the foundation, we can provide good vision with a total of EUR 255,095.34 and make a lasting improvement to the lives of many thousands of people.

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed. Together we are making the world a better placeone pair of glasses at a time.

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About the campaign

The donations will be matched by a private Swiss foundation. It has been supporting our projects in India for years.

Porträt Martin Aufmuth
With simple glasses, you can completely change a person's life.
Martin Aufmuth, Inventor of the GoodVision Glasses and founder of the EinDollarBrille e.V.
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