Rediscovering the vision behind the glasses
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Rediscovering the vision behind the glasses

The new GoodVision website documents the successes on the road to better vision for all.

Two Bolivian girls with OneDollarGlasses from GoodVision
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EinDollarBrille association is delighted to announce the launch of its new website, which for the first time gives its donors a comprehensive insight into the diverse work of the organization. The new pages highlight for the first time the areas in which EinDollarBrille association is active. Interested parties can find out how the organization is committed to providing high-quality optical care and on-site professional training and what measures it is taking to help achieve the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

Erlangen, December 13, 2023 – EinDollarBrille association, a non-profit organization that is passionate about improving the eyesight of people in the Global South, invites you to to get a new picture of its global work. The informative platform offers a comprehensive insight into the diverse tasks and programs of EinDollarBrille association.

More than just glasses

The EinDollarBrille association is more than just a pair of glasses. Since it was founded over eleven years ago, other important fields of activity have been added in recent years in addition to eye tests and the manufacture of the robust glasses. The new website documents the training of specialists and employees on site, who have to meet high standards when manufacturing and fitting the glasses. Quality management is the prerequisite for ensuring that the teams in the program countries continue to develop and can respond even better to the needs of the local people.

Contributing to 11 sustainability goals

Sustainability plays a central role in the organization. In addition to the vision of giving people access to education and work through better eyesight, OneDollarGlasses are produced locally, skilled workers are trained and permanent jobs are created. Vanessa Cognard, Head of Communications at EinDollarBrille association, emphasizes: "With our new website, we want to show how our fields of action are linked to the various projects in order to give people a sustainable perspective and make a contribution to the United Nations 2030 Agenda. We cordially invite everyone to get to know the idea of GoodVision and find out more about our work."

The special gift

In keeping with the Christmas season, supporters will find a special offer on the new website: instead of putting a tangible present under the Christmas tree, interested parties can now make a donation to EinDollarBrille association as a gift. In return, they will receive a lovingly designed certificate that can be personalized and printed out at home. This special gift brings double the joy and makes an important contribution to good eyesight for people in developing countries.

Find out more here.

The new website of the is available at www.eindollarbrille.de/en.


About EinDollarBrille association

According to a study by the World Health Organization (WHO), over 950 million people need glasses but cannot afford them or have no access to optical care. The consequences: Children are unable to follow lessons at school and adults are unable to take on any or any qualified work in order to provide for their families.

We want to change that.

The non-profit association was founded in 2012 by Martin Aufmuth, the inventor of the OneDollarGlasses. These glasses, with a material value of around one US dollar, are manufactured by local people in the program countries and sold for two to three days' wages. The training of local specialists and the establishment of local organizations are financed by donations. The proceeds from the sale of the glasses help to cover the salaries in the country and the materials for new glasses. The aim is to provide permanent basic eye care for all people in cooperation with the local authorities.

Press contact

Annika Getto
Communications Specialist
Email: presse@eindollarbrille.de
Phone: +49 9131 913 94 31

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