One dollar gives you a future
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One dollar gives you a future

How we are changing the world with OneDollarGlasses

GoodVision brings glasses to places where there are none, helping children and adults to finally see clearly again. Our glasses are already providing good eyesight in 10 countries in Africa, Asia and South America and are the key to education, work and a self-determined life.

The need is enormous: over 950 million people worldwide would need glasses but cannot afford them.

Among them were Thalia and Dener from Brazil:

Collage Thalia

A future for Thalia

We noticed Thalia at an eye camp where she was helping our team with patient admission. She had very poor vision and complained of headaches. Our eye test showed that she needed glasses with +7 or +6 diopters. Thalia received her OneDollarGlasses the same day and was very happy. She is now one step closer to her dream of becoming a doctor.

Junge aus Brasilien mit EinDollarBrille

Great joy for Dener

Eight-year-old Dener from Brazil is extremely short-sighted. For years, he had to make do with glasses that were far too weak. His family didn't have the money to pay him a visit to the optician. But then Dener's mother found out about an eye camp run by GoodVision. His eye test revealed a visual defect of minus 10 diopters.

Dener was given the right glasses on the spot and can see properly for the first time in his life:

The story of Dener

Millions of people like Dener & Thalia need our help.
Together we give them a future.

Brasilianischer Junge mit Brille vor blauem LKW

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Martin Aufmuth with a boy wearing OneDollarGlasses in Malawi
With your donation, you help us make a difference in the world. Thank you very much for your trust.
Martin Aufmuth, Inventor of OneDollarGlasses

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