At eye level – the women at GoodVision
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At eye level – the women at GoodVision

At GoodVision, women and men work on an equal footing to achieve basic optical care for all people.

Mitarbeiterinnen von Care Netram
© EinDollarBrille | Team augenoptischer Fachkräfte aus Indien

Poor eyesight is a women's issue – still is.

Women are affected by visual impairment more often than men worldwide: there are 108 blind women for every 100 blind men worldwide. Age plays a role here. Statistically, women are older than men and are more likely to develop cataracts, for example. Although they have a greater need for vision tests, eye examinations or operations, their access to these health services is more difficult.

Why is that?

  • The costs: Women often have limited access to the family's financial resources to cover the costs of eye treatment or transportation to the clinic.
  • Women are less mobile than men: a lack of travel security, family obligations or social dependencies prevent them from doing so. Visits to the eye clinic or the optician in town are often not possible.

Visual impairment is one of the many causes of inequality between men and women. We are committed to equality and want to better recognize and understand the connections so that we can provide more targeted help.

Source: https://www.iapb.org/learn/vision-atlas/impact-and-economics/inequaliti…

Who are the women at GoodVision?

Maria Elena Quisbert Calisaya

Women registering for the eye camp
© EinDollarBrille | Patty (left) registering patients

"Patty" for short, is the manager of the glasses and lenses warehouse at Lentes al Instante in Bolivia.

"I am very grateful for my work at Lentes al Instante Bolivia and feel valued. As a single mother, I am more secure and independent thanks to the fixed income. I now have a more stable life and I no longer have to struggle every day to pay for everyday things. The fact that I've been an integral part of the team for eight years and that my experience is valued makes me very proud – and my three daughters too."

GoodVision promotes the employment of women.

Renate Eden

Porträt Renate Eden
© EinDollarBrille | Renate Eden

Head of Fundraising at EinDollarBrille association in Germany.

"From my own experience, I know what glasses and good eyesight can mean for quality of life and different careers. In my role as Head of Fundraising, I am part of the management team at GoodVision and am delighted with the absolutely equal and respectful cooperation in our mixed team."

GoodVision promotes women in leadership positions in Germany as well as in the program countries.

Matee Yartu Morris

Matee Yartu Morris
© EinDollarBrille | Matee Yartu Morris

Ophthalmic Nurse and Co-Program Director, GoodVision (Liberia)

"As a trained ophthalmology nurse, I can use my professional experience every day: I work in patient administration and organize eye camps in remote rural areas, among other things. The responsibility for training and supervising our ophthalmic specialists is particularly close to my heart. My motto: "Your eyes – your life"! I am very happy to be part of the organization in Monrovia."

A high proportion of jobs in the programs are held by women. With equal pay for equal work.

It is very important to me that jobs are created and that women are increasingly involved.
Alwine Beck, Volunteer team Erlangen regional group

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