Campaign for GoodVision

Campaign for GoodVision

Help for good eyesight is doubled!

Two boys from Brazil with OneDollarGlasses

A Swiss foundation will challenge and support the GoodVision if we receive more than EUR 100,000 in first-time donations by July 15, 2024. Then and only then will it double the amount!

The aim of this campaign is to get people who don't know us yet excited about our idea, because we still have a lot to do!

The foundation has already supported us with projects in India in the past. We will use the donations from this campaign in our program countries where they are most urgently needed: e.g. for materials to make glasses, examinations and eye camps, transport to eye clinics.

Stronger together on blue button
Together we can move mountains! Simply share your enthusiasm - and we will double every step on site.
Renate Eden, Philanthropy & Head of Fundraising, EinDollarBrille association

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