A bad moment for Alceneide
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A bad moment for Alceneide

Alceneide lives in a small village on the Amazon. A year ago, she received her first pair of OneDollarGlasses. The glasses are very important to her so that she can sew for her 5 children and 15 grandchildren. The glasses fall into the river – a state of emergency for the whole family.

Woman from Bolivia sits at her sewing machine
© EinDollarBrille | Alceneide at her sewing machine

She tells us: "When I was canoeing on the Amazon the other day, a branch hit me on the head – my glasses fell into the water and sank. Desperate, I got my children to dive for the glasses."

Three hours of diving

Finally – after three hours of diving in the river – one of her sons finally brought the glasses back to the surface. For people in industrialized nations with high dioptres, the shock of suddenly losing their glasses is quite understandable. Usually, a trip to the optician with temporary glasses can be organized quickly. But in the Amazon, this often means no help and no income for a long period of time.

Alceneide is now back at her sewing machine, beaming with relief and happiness.

Woman sitting in front of sewing machine, happy, holding up her work
© EinDollarBrille | Alceneide sews a dress for her granddaughter
I got the fright of my life when my glasses fell into the river.
Alceneide, Brasilien

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